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Event Photography

Saskatoon event photographer Katie Deobald offers professional photography for all kinds of events including weddings, reunions, and even corporate and convention style events in both Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

Saskatoon Blitz - Day Two images are live


Hello Saskatoon! I am proud to announce that our Day 2 highlights are now live!

They can now be found on the Saskatoon Blitz Flickr page.

Just click this link or the image above to view the the Day 2 photo set.


Saskatoon Blitz - Day one images are live.

Anyone with fun stories from Blitz please share them in the comments!

Hello Saskatoon! The highlights from the Blitz Photography Team's coverage of Day One of the event is now online.

You can find a link to that at the bottom of this post. Before I share that however, there are some words I would like to share.

Wil Wheaton was asked at a convention to tell a fans newborn daughter why being a nerd is awesome.

In his fantastic response, which is too long to quote here, he said that the defining characteristic of all nerds is that we love things.

Geek, nerd, whatever label you prefer, I think we can agree that description applies to us all.

We are so much more than our fandoms and our hobbies, we are part of a community of communities that spans nations and cultures and languages.

When the internet became a thing, our culture banded together to conquer that new land and build places we could connect with others who share our passions.

We have shouted out into the ether that liking stuff is awesome and anyone who tells you otherwise is boring and trying too hard to be cool.

In the words of Simon Pegg, "Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection."

I feel that says a lot about what makes conventions so special. There is a truly contagious feeling in these places where friends and complete strangers have banded together without the warm, snuggly anonymity of the internet to just be truly EXCITED about things.

I want to say a huge thank you to ALL the unsung heroes out there building places for people who love things.

Saskatoon Blitz is a place for people to embrace their own enthusiasm for things and to share their passions without fear of judgment, it is a community founded on the core values of geek culture, and I am SO PROUD to be part of it.

Thank you to the volunteer staff, the coordinators, the sponsors, designers, photographers, and guests, but most of all thank you to Laura Petrishen-Ha, who brought us all together and who devotes such an utterly ridiculous chunk of her year to making a place for her people to be awesome. For all who attended, and for any who missed out on being a part of Blitz this year, please click here for the highlights of Day One.

Saskatoon Anime Blitz and FCBD 2012

This past weekend I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people while recruiting for my charity photo book project (more details on this below) at the Saskatoon Anime Blitz.

I want to say thank you to Laura, the mastermind behind this brilliant event and of course and all the other fantastic people of the SLLAG who made this a reality.

Among the highlights of the day were an impromptu photo shoot with Beth, the fantastic organizer for the artist's alley and vendor room.

This series always makes me nostalgic, and it's always refreshing to see someone who has put thought into mastering the quirks and mannerisms of the character in addition to the costume itself.

Billy West looking far too serious.Better.

As a big Futurama Fan, of course I made sure to have someone along to help with recruiting so I that I could sneak away for a little while and catch some of Billy West's panel. Hard to believe that from this face comes the voices of Fry, Zoidberg, Prof. Farnsworth and Zap Branigan.

Overall I felt the event was a huge success, it was wonderful to meet so many kindred spirits who are sick of the horrible "geek" stereotypes that are out there and believe in the power of this community to give back.

Ever since Penny Arcade started their Child's Play charity, I have wanted to do a "geek" themed photo book to benefit local charities and finally seeing this begin to come together feels just fantastic.

Currently I am seeking a good publisher for the project and speaking with representatives from a few local charities about logistics. I will be releasing more details on this project as they are available and those of you who have already signed up to volunteer should be getting a link to our official facebook page in your email sometime this week.

Best Moment: Someone claiming a bounty on one of the judges in the middle of the costume contest.

Big thanks again to my assistant, to the guests, the volunteers, and of course to the pretty ladies (and gents) who promoted this event at Free Comic Book Day who can now check out some of their photos in the Event Gallery.


In the news - Katie Deobald Photography image in Verb News article!

Don't be sad Roxas, it'll be back next year.

My favourite shots from FCBD are now in the gallery, and it looks like one of them has been used in the Verb's recent article on the Saskatoon Comicon. You can read the full article on by clicking on the image below, and you can find more images from the day on the Love Love Anime Group's website.

Speaking of the Saskatoon Anime Blitz & Comic Spectacle, the first entry in my photo diary from the event can be found here, on my Facebook page. More images are coming soon, so please +Like the page if you want to keep up to date!


Sneak Preview - Free Comic Book Day - Saskatoon Event Photographer

Here's a quick sneak peek at two of the photos from my recent coverage of Free Comic Book Day with the girls from the SLLAG, who were out in costume selling tickets for the Saskatoon Comicon at all comic shops in Saskatoon. I'd like to thank the staff and owners of 8th Street Comics, Amazing Stories, Unreal City, to all the members of the Love Love Anime Group, and to all the heroes and citizens of Saskatoon who showed up to make the event such a huge success. Stay tuned as there are many more images to come!