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Children & Family Photography

Saskatoon family photographer Katie Deobald provides memorable photos for Children & Families in Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

Welcome Rooke!

Hello Saskatoon! My beautiful baby girl is here, and I could not be happier. Big thanks to: My husband for supporting me through the past nine months, my mom (pictured above) driving here at 6:00 AM from Moose Jaw to look after Arthur while we were at the hospital, my best friend for skipping her family thanksgiving to keep me company through labour and pre-labour, my mother in law for making the trip from Toronto to come help us out for a week, and as always lots of love for all the wonderful people at RUH who helped me bring this little one into the world.

People told me my last gender reveal was too vague.

  I trust you'll all figure this one out! So excited!

Saskatoon Family Photography - A tiny treasure

Found this little marvel again going through some retouching orders from last month and I had to share these, one of the littlest little ones I've had the pleasure of working with. She was such a little doll.

Happy Birthday Arthur Deobald -- Saskatoon Cake Smash Photography

This may be the least eventful cake smash I have ever witnessed -- My little munchkin here is so polite that he failed, even with permission and encouragement, to grasp the concept of cake smash and picked delicately away at this cake for ten minutes before we finally got him to take an actual handful out of it. So cute! Happy birthday to my beautiful little boy!

Schneider Family | Jump for joy.

"Jump up and cheer!" is one of my favourite instructions to give any group of children. I think my inner child resists the concept of posed, formal photography. My favourite shots are when the child is making silly faces, or running or playing with their siblings. Keep an eye on my gallery for more highlights from this session coming in the future.


Portrait & Wedding Photography Promo Video

My new promo video is now complete, you can watch it here, and also on my youtube channel.


Meet Alex

Had a wonderful photo session in Regina last month with a new family member.


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