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Photographers Log - Week 21

Hello Saskatoon! Our backyard garden boxes are finally coming up and spring is firmly here with summer shortly to arrive.

In other news, our new price list is up, complete with a new boudoir collection.

Anyone planning to attend Saskatoon Blitz should check out our table for some special savings on all the new collections.


Photographers Log - Week 20

Hello Saskatoon! At last, winter is truly gone and behold! The garden is planted. This was taken a day or two after we planted our strawberries. It is so wonderful to have growing things in the yard this year.

With only a few weeks left until Saskatoon Blitz I may be moving the date for these regular updates around a little until things settle down.

More interesting photography to share this week. I'm not sure what kind of retro bug got into my head when I did my self portrait this week but it is certainly unique from all the others thus far.


Free Comic Book Day - First images.

To the gentleman standing behind me making jokes when I took this photo: I am sorry I do not recall your name, but THANK YOU for the inspiration to Photoshop this.

More lovely images from this year's FCBD are in my gallery and on my Facebook with more on the way.


Photographers Log Week 19

Hello Saskatoon! As promised, here is version 2.0 of my Melisandre cosplay.

Below are the rest of my images for this week.

More fun photos from Free Comic Book Day are also on the way, so be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page for those.


Photographers Log Week 18

Hello Saskatoon!

I had a great time last week at the Geek Summit in Regina. We met many lovely people, all of whom I hope to see again in June at Saskatoon Blitz.

My costume for the event was Melisandre from Game of Thrones.

Version 2.0 of that costume will be seen next week in my photos from Free Comic Book Day.

Also included in my images this week is an in progress shot of our garden project this year. (Thank you again to my best friend for bringing the extra power tools and helping with construction. You can see her in the progress shot below.)

Sadly there are no photos of the look of maniacal glee I had while drilling drainage holes in our garden barrels, but images of the finished product will be coming next week.


Photographers Log Week 17

Greetings, Saskatoon! This will be a short post as I am on my way to Regina today to do some promotion for Saskatoon Blitz! Tickets will be on sale from the Blitz table at Geek Summit happening from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM in the George Bothwell branch in the Southland Mall.

To see what I look like at 7:00 AM and other interesting photos, click on the thumbnails below..


Photographers Log - Week 16

Greetings, Saskatoon! Points to anyone who caught the less than subtle reference in my self portrait this week.

I'm about 90% certain the black bird I photographed this week was a crow, not a raven. That said, I'm a photographer not an orthnilogist.

While "Nevermore" would also have looked cool there, but it wouldn't have worked with the themesong currently stuck in my head.

To see more pretty pictures, including a word from our studio mascot, click the thumbnails below.


Photographers Log - Week 15

Hello Saskatoon! Amongst the chaos last week I managed to perform in a concert with the Saskatoon Choral Society, attend a rockin' meeting for Saskatoon Blitz, and complete not one but two rush orders of retouching, as well as making some much needed technical improvements to the blog.

As a photographer, I like to think my job is all about actual photography. In reality, a photographer's job can include all kinds of things such as cleaning baby poo out of backdrops (Shit happens. Hardy har har. Boo.. Bad joke.) or even nastier things like database optimization and back-ups.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see the rest of my results from last week. Today's regularly scheduled instalment should be coming soon. (Knock on wood.)


Your photographer is having technical difficulties and is temporarily down for maintenance.

Hello Saskatoon! Alas, your regularly scheduled Friday photos have been pre-empted by Murphy's Law and will be coming a bit late this week.


Photographers Log - Happy Easter! Week 14

Happy Easter! I realize Easter was last weekend, but I took this photo on Sunday in a moment of whimsy and I felt the need to share.

This week's self portrait features my new mantra, one I would like to share with any potential brides and grooms who might be reading this article.

If you are exhausted from all the stress of planning your wedding, something is wrong. My advice is to stop thinking and just breathe!

Also, never forget that photographers are a GREAT source of wedding advice. If you need help with your time line for the day, all you have to do is click here to send me an email or leave a comment below with any questions you have.

Photographers go to a lot of weddings. Honestly, if you can't afford a wedding planner just hire a good photographer and ask them a lot of questions.