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Photographers Log - Week 4

Hello Saskatoon! Photographers all have their odd little fascinations. I love taking photos of water. Lakes, rivers, streams, even condensation. This week I decided to see what I could do with the droplets forming on my window in the morning. I enjoyed the result so much, I repeated the experiment the next day in different light.

My second image this week was actually taken with my cell phone just before leaving choir. (If you enjoy singing a group, you should consider joining the Saskatoon Choral Society. There is no audition required, and it is a truly lovely group of people.)

For more of this week's images, please click the link below.

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Photographers Log - Week 3

Hello Saskatoon! This is week 3, and this week I am tackling outdoor subjects. Snow, much like a wedding dress or any other bright white subject, can present interesting photographic challenges particularly when photographing outdoors where light is harder to control, so I decided I would venture out into the cold a few times to catch some winter beauty in my neighbourhood.

My second featured image this week has a little diagram in the corner to illustrate the "face" I saw when looking at this tree. As I walked by, it just struck me that the knot on the right looks for all the world like a monocle on the face of a grumpy muppet. (I am very in touch with my inner child.) As always, click on "More" to see the rest of my images for this week.

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Photographers Log - Week 2

Hello Saskatoon! This is week 2, and I think the self-portrait I took today is my favourite image this week, but this scaly fellow is by far my favourite subject. Please click the "More" button below to view the rest of the gallery.

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Happy New Year!

Hello Saskatoon! This Friday, January 4th marks the beginning of  a project I've been wanting to do for a long time. Starting today, I will be taking one photo a day and posting the results of the week on this blog every Friday. Some of these will have Photoshop done on them, some will not. Most of the ones from this week have at least a little bit. There are no set themes, but each week I will be taking at least one photo of what's outside one of my windows, and one self portrait. If any of you shutterbugs out there would like to join in, grab a camera, snap a photo and post a link to your blog or flickr account in the comments.


Amanda & Brad - Sneak Preview.

I love intimate weddings! This small ceremony was held just outside Saskatoon at Lorna's Bed & Breakfast, and what a beautiful day! A little hot, but the sun was out and not a drop of rain in sight. More images are available in the gallery here.

Wednesday Photoshop Experiment - Photo to CG.

Ever wonder what you would look like as an anime or game character? I can help you with that. I created this while playing around with an old image in Photoshop. Move your mouse over the image to see the before:


I have found there is a very fine line when trying to change the shape or size of someone's eyes. While a less realistic,"big eyed" look is possible, experiments have proven that making the eyes significantly larger only works well on images that have been shot with this effect in mind. With this image, I made changes to the shape of the mouth and nose to give the effect rather than mess with the integrity of the eyes, and I definitely prefer the result.

Of course the work done to this image was not just on the overall face shape. I put a lot of work into producing a more "CG" feel to the image. I call it the "Final Fantasy" effect as the idea was to create something that felt more like anime or video game art.


Saskatoon Anime Blitz and FCBD 2012

This past weekend I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people while recruiting for my charity photo book project (more details on this below) at the Saskatoon Anime Blitz.

I want to say thank you to Laura, the mastermind behind this brilliant event and of course and all the other fantastic people of the SLLAG who made this a reality.

Among the highlights of the day were an impromptu photo shoot with Beth, the fantastic organizer for the artist's alley and vendor room.

This series always makes me nostalgic, and it's always refreshing to see someone who has put thought into mastering the quirks and mannerisms of the character in addition to the costume itself.

Billy West looking far too serious.Better.

As a big Futurama Fan, of course I made sure to have someone along to help with recruiting so I that I could sneak away for a little while and catch some of Billy West's panel. Hard to believe that from this face comes the voices of Fry, Zoidberg, Prof. Farnsworth and Zap Branigan.

Overall I felt the event was a huge success, it was wonderful to meet so many kindred spirits who are sick of the horrible "geek" stereotypes that are out there and believe in the power of this community to give back.

Ever since Penny Arcade started their Child's Play charity, I have wanted to do a "geek" themed photo book to benefit local charities and finally seeing this begin to come together feels just fantastic.

Currently I am seeking a good publisher for the project and speaking with representatives from a few local charities about logistics. I will be releasing more details on this project as they are available and those of you who have already signed up to volunteer should be getting a link to our official facebook page in your email sometime this week.

Best Moment: Someone claiming a bounty on one of the judges in the middle of the costume contest.

Big thanks again to my assistant, to the guests, the volunteers, and of course to the pretty ladies (and gents) who promoted this event at Free Comic Book Day who can now check out some of their photos in the Event Gallery.


Darren & Briana - Saskatoon Couples Photography

I was so delighted when these two approached me about doing a "Through the Looking Glass" themed shoot for their anniversary. I love when clients bring extra clothes and props! Most of this image is a composite, but the giant chess set in this shot is actually real. I love the effect they create so much I may have to acquire a giant set of my own.

I can't possibly express how much I love shooting at the Bessborough Hotel. I have to thank the hotel coordinator for helping with the timing of this shoot. It really felt like we had the entire hotel to ourselves.


Schneider Family | Jump for joy.

"Jump up and cheer!" is one of my favourite instructions to give any group of children. I think my inner child resists the concept of posed, formal photography. My favourite shots are when the child is making silly faces, or running or playing with their siblings. Keep an eye on my gallery for more highlights from this session coming in the future.


Karen & John's 1920's Museum Wedding

I was so excited to be the photographer for this wedding. I adore museum weddings, and this couple was just so original in all their choices, from the vintage toys at the reception to the bride's white beaded dress. My favourite moment was when the groom pulled out two toy tommy guns right after the ceremony and immediately presented one to his new bride. Priceless! More images to come.