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FREE Workshop Contest from CRAVE Photography.

Hello folks, it's been a busy week but I wanted to let everyone know that one of my favourite studios, CRAVE Photography, is holding an exciting contest for a FREE all expenses paid workshop! All you have to do to enter is spread the word: HUGE CRAVE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP GIVEAWAY If you are looking for a great opportunity to expand your skills as a photographer, go check it out!

Whimsical Snowy Portraits - Artistic Photography Post Part II

Alright folks, I promised to post the rest of these images without further delay, and here they are.

These were the more whimsical shots of the day, when we decided to have a little fun out in the snow. I love the seemingly magical ability that a camera gives me to capture people frozen in motion.

I must say that while the cold is not fun for the photographer or the model, snow remains one of my favourite props.

For more photos, please visit the Portrait & Fashion gallery.


Vintage Engagement Shoot - Saskatoon Photography

I have a confession to make:

I am addicted to historic clothing.

I know I've promised a post on Part II of my previous shoot (It's still coming!) but I had to share this.

These two are just so gorgeous together. Her face is so lovely, very much a timeless beauty.

We walked all over Broadway today, and the owner of Off Broadway Antiques was very welcoming when we asked to do a few shots in the store.


Artistic Portrait Session Part One

It was so very hard to choose favourites from this shoot, so I'm going to be posting the second installment next week.

I knew when I met this girl that her gorgeous complexion was the perfect complement for a few items from my personal costume collection, and she was truly up for anything that day.

The image of her spinning is my favourite from the entire shoot. It keeps all the dark elegance of the earlier images, but has this wonderfully joyous feeling to it. I must say, having wanted to add more vintage and burlesque style images to my portfolio for quite awhile, this shoot was a real treat for me to photograph.


Sneak Preview - Saskatoon Artistic Portrait Photography

I'm really amazed at the locations available to photographers working without a studio in Saskatoon, even in the winter. The weather was not as cold as I had expected this Sunday, so I got many more outdoor shots than I had been expecting. This shot is just a quick preview of things to come!


Portrait Slideshow - Saskatoon Photography

Click the image to see more still shots in my gallery.

Have I mentioned how much I love the combination of images and music? I think my next project is to begin incorporating actual video elements as well.


Portrait & Wedding Photography Promo Video

My new promo video is now complete, you can watch it here, and also on my youtube channel.


Cards & Invitations - Photography by Katie Deobald

Hello All,

I wanted to share a little preview with you of what I've been working on recently. I'm expanding my library of card designs and I hope to eventually put the entire catalogue on my website. Click on the thumbnails below for previews.


Saskatchewan Music Photography

Hello all, Did some promotional images for a local musician last week, here's a peek at two of my favourite images from the shoot.
Both photos were taken against a black backdrop and then composited in Photoshop.

Caitlin & Andrew - Engagement Photography Saskatoon

Greetings, all! I'm so excited to present my new website and pricelist for 2011. I'm am very excited for the coming wedding season here in Saskatoon, and I'm happy to finally have all the updates for my website complete. I have all kinds of new images coming soon, this past year has been busy for me and looks to be getting even more so in 2011.

To kick things off, I'd like to share a few images and a slideshow from my favourite engagement from 2010.

Click below to see more images from this beautiful shoot.

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