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Commercial Photography

Saskatoon commercial photographer offers business headshots, product photography and more to businesses both small and large in Saskatoon & the surrounding area.

Photographers Log - Week 10 - Steampunk & Pet Photography Edition!

Ozymandias, King of Kings. Gaze upon his works, ye mighty, and despair.

Hello Saskatoon! Another week, another seven photos to share. This week we have a new portrait of Ozymandias, the studio mascot.

He is a nocturnal creature and not fond of bright lights, but he will occasionally stay still long enough for me to take a shot when bribed with a treat.

His current aliases include The Great and Powerful Oz, or just "Oz" for short.

This image just makes me happy. I love steampunk, and each image in this series seems to me like there should be a character to go with it.

Any writers in the audience who care to describe some characters or a story to go with these please comment! I would love to hear what you come up with.


Photographers Log - Week 8

Hello Saskatoon! Photographers love a new toy, and I have to say my new little desktop studio for product photography has been the highlight of this week. The darling little needle felted sculpture on the left was made by my mother as a birthday present some years ago. I imagine more images of her handmade work will appear here the next time she is in town to loan me a few more of these little darlings.

Click the "more" link to see the rest of my images for the week. Read more


Saskatchewan Music Photography

Hello all, Did some promotional images for a local musician last week, here's a peek at two of my favourite images from the shoot.
Both photos were taken against a black backdrop and then composited in Photoshop.