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Welcome to Saskatoon, Arthur Deobald!


Announcing Arthur Deobald, born February 4th 2014.


Coming Soon

Hello, Saskatoon! I am excited to share images from my personal maternity shoot and announce that I will be taking a little hiatus from the website in preparation for the birth of my son, Arthur Deobald. Photos of myself below, photos of my darling boy to follow sometime this February! IMG_9802CIMG_9802

Travis & Victoria - Regina Wedding Photography

Hello Saskatoon! Here are a few highlights from my favourite wedding of the year. This wedding had so many gorgeous details! Congratulations to the happy couple.    

I love a bride in flats! The details for this Regina wedding were all so well planned.


The bride really put a lot of work into the decor for the venue. Both ceremony and reception were held at the Applause Theatre in Regina.


This was my favourite "Day After" shoot ever. The vintage tractor was restored by the bride's father.


Halloween Fun


Hello, Saskatoon! Decided to have a go at a modern fantasy style edit of a portrait I quite enjoyed from last year. I'm quite pleased with the results! Happy Halloween!


Theme Maternity Shoot

Hello, Saskatoon! Your resident photographer apologizes for the lack of updates to the blog. Growing people is tiring work! As I'm sure my favorite maternity and newborn client of 2013 here can agree.


Daenerys Targaryen maternity cosplay



I love newborns! I can hardly wait to be doing a shoot like this for my own little one. Just a few more months.

TheodenNB-09 Card5x7 TheodenNB-19


I'm having a baby!


Hello Saskatoon! So, I'm sure some of you noticed that I disappeared for some months following Saskatoon Blitz. I assure you all I have a very good reason -- I have been busy these past months working on my greatest work of art -- A little bundle of joy expected to arrive February 4th, 2014.

Photographers: If you are looking for a great way to announce your baby, I highly recommend having family hold a sign for a "family tree" project and then holding up the ultrasound. You can give the kid the images of them holding the sign later on, and the resulting images of them cheering are always very touching to have.



Saskatoon Blitz - Day Two images are live


Hello Saskatoon! I am proud to announce that our Day 2 highlights are now live!

They can now be found on the Saskatoon Blitz Flickr page.

Just click this link or the image above to view the the Day 2 photo set.


Saskatoon Blitz - Day one images are live.

Anyone with fun stories from Blitz please share them in the comments!

Hello Saskatoon! The highlights from the Blitz Photography Team's coverage of Day One of the event is now online.

You can find a link to that at the bottom of this post. Before I share that however, there are some words I would like to share.

Wil Wheaton was asked at a convention to tell a fans newborn daughter why being a nerd is awesome.

In his fantastic response, which is too long to quote here, he said that the defining characteristic of all nerds is that we love things.

Geek, nerd, whatever label you prefer, I think we can agree that description applies to us all.

We are so much more than our fandoms and our hobbies, we are part of a community of communities that spans nations and cultures and languages.

When the internet became a thing, our culture banded together to conquer that new land and build places we could connect with others who share our passions.

We have shouted out into the ether that liking stuff is awesome and anyone who tells you otherwise is boring and trying too hard to be cool.

In the words of Simon Pegg, "Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection."

I feel that says a lot about what makes conventions so special. There is a truly contagious feeling in these places where friends and complete strangers have banded together without the warm, snuggly anonymity of the internet to just be truly EXCITED about things.

I want to say a huge thank you to ALL the unsung heroes out there building places for people who love things.

Saskatoon Blitz is a place for people to embrace their own enthusiasm for things and to share their passions without fear of judgment, it is a community founded on the core values of geek culture, and I am SO PROUD to be part of it.

Thank you to the volunteer staff, the coordinators, the sponsors, designers, photographers, and guests, but most of all thank you to Laura Petrishen-Ha, who brought us all together and who devotes such an utterly ridiculous chunk of her year to making a place for her people to be awesome. For all who attended, and for any who missed out on being a part of Blitz this year, please click here for the highlights of Day One.

Saskatoon Blitz + Geek Wedding Spectacular.

Hello Saskatoon! I will be postponing my usual blog post this week due to preparations for Saskatoon Blitz tomorrow. Instead, I am sharing a wedding I have been saving for this exact occasion.

Below are thumbnails of the highlights from a fantastic geek wedding I shot last year. The bride is a stage manager and the daughter of a magician, and the groom is an actor and gamer, seen wearing an utterly fantastic D20 boutonniere.

Needless to say, they were hands down no-contest my favourite clients last year.


Photographers Log - Week 22 + Announcements

See what I did there?

Hello Folks! Due to a series of small misfortunes, my Monday announcement post is being grouped with my usual Friday blog post.

Saskatoon Blitz is almost here, and I am so excited to finally be able to announce that Katie Deobald Photography will be offering not one but TWO professional cosplay photography mini shoot events at Saskatoon Blitz.

For $25.00 you will get 5 poses. After the convention, You will receive one web resolution preview copy of each, and you can pick one of your images to receive in high resolution to use and print anywhere.

These events will be happening in the tropical courtyard on the main floor near the restaurant, and they are first come first serve so be sure to have $25.00 in cash on hand.

The Cosplay Photography mini shoot is happening on Saturday 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM and Sunday 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM.

I am so excited to be offering this mini-shoot event, but there is so much to see at Blitz I really recommend checking out for more information on the other panels and activities taking place.

I am very proud to be a geek, and to be a part of this team, and I can't wait to share some awesome photos from the event with you guys next week!