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Photographers Log - Week 13

Robert J Sawyer signing my copy of his new book 'Red Planet Blues'

Hello Saskatoon! The man in my featured image this week is one of my personal favourite authors, Robert J Sawyer.

He is an award winning Canadian science fiction writer and was in Saskatoon at Mcnally Robinson to read from his latest book, "Red Planet Blues: Murder on the Mean Streets of Mars."

Sawyers' book "Calculating God" forever changed my opinion of Canadian fiction. (High school left a rather negative impression of "Canadian Literature" on me.)

You may also have noticed that this week I have started employing a new watermark on my work. I find it much more in keeping with my style. The rest of my images for the week can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails below.


Photographers Log - Week 12

Hands up everyone who is ready for winter to be over! I love Saskatchewan, but I think I have enough pictures of snow now. I would be a very happy photographer if it would just hurry up and melt away.

My main image this week is a collage because I couldn't choose between these two images. I took the second image when I stood up out of my snow angel. (Which is more difficult than it sounds when the crust on a knee-deep snow bank breaks.)


Photographers Log - Week 11

Next week, I will take a cheery self portrait. Honest.

Hello Saskatoon! I am sorry for the delay in this week's update. It has been a busy week, and our car getting stuck on a snowbank Friday certainly did not help matters!

(Thank god for helpful neighbours -- We were able to get it pulled out without having to call for a tow.)

This week I have been doing a lot of work with my new 50mm prime, and I absolutely love it.

Any Saskatoon Photographers considering a new lens should look into the Canon 1.8. It makes a great walk-around lens if you don't want to be lugging your zooms around all the time!

I did an entire shoot with it on Saturday and I am so happy with the results. Images from that will be appearing soon as part of my new client guide! I can't wait to share them with you.

In other news, I am putting together some geeky wedding freebies for anyone looking to create their own wedding invitations, so you can expect to be seeing these images and possibly some of my images from last week as well reappearing with some modifications in the near future.


Photographers Log - Week 10 - Steampunk & Pet Photography Edition!

Ozymandias, King of Kings. Gaze upon his works, ye mighty, and despair.

Hello Saskatoon! Another week, another seven photos to share. This week we have a new portrait of Ozymandias, the studio mascot.

He is a nocturnal creature and not fond of bright lights, but he will occasionally stay still long enough for me to take a shot when bribed with a treat.

His current aliases include The Great and Powerful Oz, or just "Oz" for short.

This image just makes me happy. I love steampunk, and each image in this series seems to me like there should be a character to go with it.

Any writers in the audience who care to describe some characters or a story to go with these please comment! I would love to hear what you come up with.


Announcements + Photographers Log - Week 9

Hello Saskatoon! This week I have an exciting announcement.

Katie Deobald Photography will be doing the official event coverage for Saskatoon Blitz 2013! Pictured on the left is about half of the fantastic team of organizers who make this thing a reality every year.

Saskatoon Blitz, for those of you who are new to it, is an entertainment expo happening here in Saskatoon on June 8th and 9th, with bonus events on June 7th! The guest line up is very exciting this year, including one of my favourite voice actors, John Dimmagio! Being a huge Futurama fan, I know him best as Bender but some of you may also recognize him as Jake the Dog from Adventure time.

I will also be running a Cosplay Mini-Shoot for anyone wanting some great photos of their costume, keep an eye on this blog for more details.

Below are more of my images from this week. As you can see I am still very much in love with the lightbox I built last week.


Photographers Log - Week 8

Hello Saskatoon! Photographers love a new toy, and I have to say my new little desktop studio for product photography has been the highlight of this week. The darling little needle felted sculpture on the left was made by my mother as a birthday present some years ago. I imagine more images of her handmade work will appear here the next time she is in town to loan me a few more of these little darlings.

Click the "more" link to see the rest of my images for the week. Read more


Happy Valentines! Photographers Log - Week 7

Happy Valentines! The image on the left showcases something interesting my husband and I discovered this week -- My ring fits, perfectly, on a Canadian penny (though sadly it shifted a touch was I took this photo) and his fits precisely on a dollar. I thought it would make the perfect image for the occasion.

Now, this next image requires something of an explanation. For several years the hanging lamp in my kitchen has been home to this pile of dollar store toy magnets. I am not sure there was a reason we put them there, and I sometimes wonder if I will remember to take them with us if we ever move.

Click the "more" link to see the rest of my images for the week -- and to help me name a new friend. (Hint: I am open to any suggestion that doesn't include Sonic.) Read more


Photographers Log - Week 6

Hello Saskatoon! I was visiting 8th Street Comics this week when I saw the most exciting sign on the side of the building. It seems that 1006 8th St E is now also home to a fashion and bridal boutique specializing in Pakistani and Indian clothing. What an incredible shop -- I already had a salwar from a friend's wedding a few years ago, but when I saw the lovely piece that features not once but twice in my images this week, I knew I had to have it. So beautiful! If you haven't been, I highly recommend stopping by H.A Collections.

Also featured in my images this week is a goofy sneak peek at a recent shoot with talented choir director Michael Harris. More images from that are soon to come, but this was one of my favourites. Cloning people remains one of my all time favourite things to do in photoshop.)

Click the "more" link to see the rest of my images for the week.

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Image featured in Wedding Photo USA article.

Excitement! I can't believe I forgot to post about this earlier -- Wedding Photo USA recently featured an image from one of my vintage engagement shoots in an article about theme weddings. You can click here to read the article now!

Photographers Log - Week 5

Hello Saskatoon! Successful photographers are always learning new things. Another week of experiments has yielded some interesting results. This week I decided to prove how much a good photographer can do with improvised equipment. All of the macro shots I took this week used only my camera's kit lens and the discarded magnifier from an old worklamp. What a fantastic experience! After many, many, many failed attempts I finally got a decent close-up of my eyelashes. (The light used was one of those little flexible LED's flashlights and there was a good deal of balancing and self-timers involved in this.)

To follow up on last week's post I also decided to include an actual photo of the choir at the start of rehearsals this week. Please click the "More" button below to see that image along with the rest of my experimients for the week.

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