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Tag: Saskatoon Photographer


Saskatoon Glamour Photography

Hello Saskatoon!

As a photographer, I have said this before and I will say it again: Glamour. is. for. everyone!! If you have never booked this type of session before, do it now. You will not regret it.

So many people think of portraits as a gift for loved ones, or a family history, and never think of it as something they might do for themselves.

Don't sell yourself short, you are beautiful and you deserve a little time to feel that way!


Saskatoon Family Photography - Hanging out with Grandpa!

GrandpaBArthur found all kinds of fun toys at Grandpa's house this weekend! I think this is my favourite photo of the two of them together. Full size version is up in my gallery now!

Merry Christmas from Katie Deobald Photography!

christmas Hello Saskatoon! I will be in Ottawa for the next week enjoying a little vacation with the family, I hope you are all enjoying a merry holiday season and will return soon! Click the thumbnail on the left for a full size version of this image. (Note: No, I didn't paint this. It's just some clever photo editing. I couldn't draw a stick figure to save my life!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

FallFamilyPhoto Happy Thanksgiving, Saskatoon! I am so grateful for my beautiful family, my wonderful clients and this beautiful city.

Free Comic Book Day - First images.

To the gentleman standing behind me making jokes when I took this photo: I am sorry I do not recall your name, but THANK YOU for the inspiration to Photoshop this.

More lovely images from this year's FCBD are in my gallery and on my Facebook with more on the way.


Photographers Log Week 19

Hello Saskatoon! As promised, here is version 2.0 of my Melisandre cosplay.

Below are the rest of my images for this week.

More fun photos from Free Comic Book Day are also on the way, so be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page for those.


Photographers Log Week 18

Hello Saskatoon!

I had a great time last week at the Geek Summit in Regina. We met many lovely people, all of whom I hope to see again in June at Saskatoon Blitz.

My costume for the event was Melisandre from Game of Thrones.

Version 2.0 of that costume will be seen next week in my photos from Free Comic Book Day.

Also included in my images this week is an in progress shot of our garden project this year. (Thank you again to my best friend for bringing the extra power tools and helping with construction. You can see her in the progress shot below.)

Sadly there are no photos of the look of maniacal glee I had while drilling drainage holes in our garden barrels, but images of the finished product will be coming next week.


Announcements + Photographers Log - Week 9

Hello Saskatoon! This week I have an exciting announcement.

Katie Deobald Photography will be doing the official event coverage for Saskatoon Blitz 2013! Pictured on the left is about half of the fantastic team of organizers who make this thing a reality every year.

Saskatoon Blitz, for those of you who are new to it, is an entertainment expo happening here in Saskatoon on June 8th and 9th, with bonus events on June 7th! The guest line up is very exciting this year, including one of my favourite voice actors, John Dimmagio! Being a huge Futurama fan, I know him best as Bender but some of you may also recognize him as Jake the Dog from Adventure time.

I will also be running a Cosplay Mini-Shoot for anyone wanting some great photos of their costume, keep an eye on this blog for more details.

Below are more of my images from this week. As you can see I am still very much in love with the lightbox I built last week.


Photographers Log - Week 8

Hello Saskatoon! Photographers love a new toy, and I have to say my new little desktop studio for product photography has been the highlight of this week. The darling little needle felted sculpture on the left was made by my mother as a birthday present some years ago. I imagine more images of her handmade work will appear here the next time she is in town to loan me a few more of these little darlings.

Click the "more" link to see the rest of my images for the week. Read more


Photographers Log - Week 5

Hello Saskatoon! Successful photographers are always learning new things. Another week of experiments has yielded some interesting results. This week I decided to prove how much a good photographer can do with improvised equipment. All of the macro shots I took this week used only my camera's kit lens and the discarded magnifier from an old worklamp. What a fantastic experience! After many, many, many failed attempts I finally got a decent close-up of my eyelashes. (The light used was one of those little flexible LED's flashlights and there was a good deal of balancing and self-timers involved in this.)

To follow up on last week's post I also decided to include an actual photo of the choir at the start of rehearsals this week. Please click the "More" button below to see that image along with the rest of my experimients for the week.

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